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Stays and Gloves

Stays and Gloves

di Lord Kidrodstock

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"Stays and Gloves" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1909 by Lord Kidrodstock. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes. Its subtitle is: "Figure-Training and Deportment by Means of the Discipline of Tight Corsets, Narrow High-Heeled Boots, Clinging Kid Gloves, Combinations, etc..."

The girl replied confusedly in a low tone: “Yes, my lady.”
She took, off her petticoat and her corset, the latter with perfect case, then her drawers of fine cambric, embroidered with satin. The drawers slipped down her thighs seemed to catch for a moment at the calves of the legs and finally lay round the little feet. The girl looked at the garment hesitatingly and Lady Flayskin kindly remarked:
“I understand your hesitation. For a young girl, it is disagreeable to have to rid her legs of her drawers in the presence of another person. This notion, however, must be overcome, for it is only a notion. Come, courage, my dear pupil!”
The girl appeared electrified by these words, affectionate though they were, and drew her legs resolutely free from her drawers and petticoat.
Her chemise now only remained and a thin silk vest which the girl wore next her skin. The chemise was only held for a moment by the ample hips before it slipped down. Lady Flayskin, in her impatience, was acting as lady’s maid, quite forgetful of her dignity. Her ready hands aided the descent of the chemise and then grasped the narrow sleeve of the vest. The girl was thus able to rid herself of both garments the more speedily.
Then the mistress, her eyes glistening with pleasure, surveyed her patrician pupil.
It would not have been possible to find a statue whose beauty was at once so correct, classic, and at the same time so attractive, graceful, and harmonious. Supple and vigorous force was betrayed in every movement of the slender frame.

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